2017-04-07 05:47:41 by Ev054

I'm no longer posting songs on Newgrounds, I'll post my music on my website, but I'm not leaving NG. I'll help mods to find stolen audio. Because for now, seriously, the audio moderation team features demo pack previews from WA Production. ITS TIME TO STOP! So I'll try to find stolen audio and audio with stock loops and REPORT! REPORT! REPORT!

I'm leaving Newgrounds.

2017-03-07 08:55:00 by Ev054

I'm leaving Newgrounds...

One stupid guy has just deleted all my tracks. Wow. I now f***ing hate NG. So I "used stock loops" ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS? DAMMIT EVERYONE USES LOOPS THEY DIDN'T MAKE!!'

GG, Tom Fulp.

Another legend has just passed away from your dumbass website.

I'm moving onto Soundcloud instead your stupid website created by a 5-year old.

F***ing nice job.

Can somebody help me on a song?

2017-02-11 03:46:35 by Ev054

I'm planning to do a Yatagarasu-like techno song. Can someone please help me on the melody and synths? Use FL Studio please. Thank you.

P.S. My FL Studio can't save projects (it freezes and crashes), so I'll have to export my part at MP3.


2017-01-05 05:18:18 by Ev054

Maybe you know that I have a recording label called HQS Records. I uploaded tracks to its YouTube channel this summer, but was inactive so long. I decided to start new life and upload only good tracks. Get ready...