Entry #4


2017-04-07 05:47:41 by Ev054

I'm no longer posting songs on Newgrounds, I'll post my music on my website, but I'm not leaving NG. I'll help mods to find stolen audio. Because for now, seriously, the audio moderation team features demo pack previews from WA Production. ITS TIME TO STOP! So I'll try to find stolen audio and audio with stock loops and REPORT! REPORT! REPORT!


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2017-04-07 07:21:32

Hopefully you'll make the moderation team better. I was banned from the portal for uploading a friend's song before he made a NG account.

Ev054 responds:

I got banned because I used stock drum loops and samples in some of my tracks


2017-04-07 07:41:12

Dang. While I can understand the Moderation team getting more strict nowadays, this is getting dumb. Whatever happened to Everything by Everyone?

Ev054 responds:

It's somehow rubrub's fault, why couldn't he make a drag-and-drop Osu-like song chooser? That's mostly why there are alot of fake music producers.


2017-04-07 20:43:07

I don't really understand why they should punish RobTop for it. I mean really? Only punish the fuckers who are abusing Newgrounds' terms of service. Don't just go and punish an entire community. But what do I know